bruce tunkel 

The Red House (1990)

The Red House
Record company interest in The Red House became intense. I spent many hours on the phone with various A&R people, discussing the band and songs. It was quite exciting to come home from work each day, and listen to the messages left on my answering machine.

Ultimately, in the fall of 1989, we chose to sign with SBK records. SBK was a new label, and we liked the A&R guys, Roger Menell and Pete Ganbarg, we were dealing with there (Pete is now the President of A&R at Atlantic Records).

After some negotiation, we fittingly signed our record contract upstairs at the Green Parrot, our favorite club to play at. Present at the signing were our manager, Rich Stanley, our good friend Tom Przyborowski (who shot many photos and videos of us), and my wife Terry.
We were super excited about the signing. We even threw ourselves a party at David Popp's Ital Studio in Roselle, NJ. Ital was our rehearsal space at the time, and we rehearsed a lot.
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