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July 3, 2020

Us - Finally

I am excited to announce that the “Us” album is available NOW - digitally on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, YouTube and other services (links below).

Us can mean many things - A couple. A group of friends. A community. A world. The idea of “Us” was to explore these different levels, and the progression of “us” for me, through my own story. I’ve had some impactful revelations about life and I’ve tried to share some of these thoughts honestly in my writing.

I had some rather immodest goals when planning this record. I wanted to create a narrative concept, with interwoven musical themes, and an old-school listening experience, where you’d sit and listen to an album in the dark with a candle burning. I don’t think I got to where I’d intended, but I consider it a successful failure.

I ended up including some songs that I hadn’t planned to because they fit in with the theme. And other songs were dropped because they did not. There’s quite a bit of material for the “boxed set” lol.

While “Us" ended up being mostly a solo effort, I did get some fantastic contributions for which I am eternally grateful:

  • Emi DeLia - backing vocals on “Tremblings Of My Mind”
  • PK Lavengood - guitar on “Tumble and Dry”, “True To Myself”
  • Marc Muller - pedal steel/baritone guitar on “Brave”, guitars on “Time To Take Action”
  • Steve Peckman - saxophone on “Still My Heart Breaks”
  • Andy Prasa - guitar on “Still My Heart Breaks”, “True To Myself”, “This Town”
  • Peter Prasa - backing vocals on “Tumble and Dry”, “This Town”
  • Sam Tunkel - backing vocals on “Tremblings Of My Mind”, “Tumble and Dry”, “This Town”
  • Terry Tunkel - backing vocals on  “This Town”

I must also thank my friends from Broken Darling for helping me to arrange “Tremblings Of My Mind”.

The pastel drawing on the cover was done by Terry long ago. It’s a picture of us that she created when I was away in Los Angeles recording the Red House album. It hangs in our bedroom, and whenever I look at it, it’s a reminder of our love for each other and our lives together.

My hope for you listener, is that you’ll forego the quick soundbite world for awhile, and listen to this the whole way through. Try headphones and a candle.

Thanks again. And more to come.

Us on Apple Music

Us on Amazon


2 comments on “Us - Finally”

  1. I am a long time fan from Red House days, have all the solo works also!! Just listened to Us on headphones, Fantastic new album with some new sounds!! Hope this recording gets the exsposure and recognition it deserves. Bruce writes great songs and is at the top of his game with this release. Required listening for any Bruce Tunkel fan! Will be keeping my eyes peeled for that box set!

    1. Tony, thanks so much for listening and for the kind words. Box set might be awhile lol but share this one around.

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