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October 1, 2019

One Of A Kind

At the penultimate Dragonfly open mic, I played a song that I wrote about the place, and how I was feeling about losing it. I called it "This Place is Ours" and I performed it that night on a 12-string acoustic guitar.

After a little time away from it, I revised the song's melody and chord structure, and changed the title to "One Of a Kind". Both changes better reflect what I wanted to convey.

The track is raw and basic. I played two guitar tracks, bass and drums. Vocals recorded into a handheld SM-58. Seemed appropriate.

The Dragonfly really was one of a kind. Have a listen.


6 comments on “One Of A Kind”

  1. Bruce, you have written an anthem. It could be about The Green Parrot, from back in the day. For me, it's how I felt when The Stone Pony closed its doors for a while. People who cut their musical teeth at The Brighton Bar would feel that way if that iconic place shut its doors forever. And I know how much The Dragonfly meant to you. It's a beautiful tribute and one helluva rock song! Hope it finds it's way onto your new album. Thanks for sharing, Bruce. I love it!!!

    1. Thanks Kathy!!! This one is likely a one-off, not for the album. Different theme, different sound. The Green Parrot was another special place for me. As I say in the song, I hope there's another place still to come.

      And it was fun to crank up the amps!

  2. This place , The Dragonfly Music and Coffee Cafe was ours ! Yours ! Ours ! The Tunkel’s were found there one night , with other band members . Likewise,other friends were made through our lovely connections! You’re one of a kind Brother!

    1. Thank you brother! That video you posted of the empty Fly really got to me. It's sinking in. I miss it terribly.

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