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September 7, 2019

Progress = Slow

Progress is slow on "Us". Nothing bad happening. On the contrary. Recording is in progress and I'm really happy with how the tracks are coming out. The problem is, I keep introducing new songs into the cycle. It's a good problem to have for sure, but I have to figure out a way to focus on the task at hand and get to the finish line. For sure, this thing is going to be the most cohesive album I've ever put together. Lots of detail going into the arrangements and mixes. Tweaking lyrics. Should the snare be 0.5dB louder?

And now, I'm thinking about my next project. I know what I want to do and I'm anxious to get there. I'm using precious thought cycles thinking about that. I need to slow my mind down. Wine usually helps with that. Cabernet? Bordeaux?

Also, I can't be here writing without mentioning that the Dragonfly Café is closing. The place was a big part of reigniting my creativity and passion for playing. Here's a shot of me at the piano on 11-17-2018.

I'll miss it hard. I wrote a poem:



3 comments on “Progress = Slow”

  1. Great photo of you and The Dragonfly! A part of history it will become. Maybe its story needs to be immortalized in song?

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