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July 27, 2019

Don't Say You're Sorry

I suppose I will continue to reveal more songs as I finish them. I like getting stuff out there. The "Us" material is sounding great, and I can't wait to get it all done and share it.

This one is called "Don't Say You're Sorry". Apparently, there's many other songs with the same title, but this is my take on the topic. I recorded this song quickly, and played everything on it. I found it a bit tricky to mix, but am happy with the end result.

After uploading to DistroKid, I was waiting for the song to hit YouTube so I could share it on social media. For some reason (still unexplained as of this writing), it never got there. So, I used this as an excuse to make my own video for the song. With my lovely (and patient) wife Terry recording on the iPhone on a lovely summer afternoon, we shot a few different angles at a location near Duke Farms that Terry chose. A little editing later and voila... video.

"Don't Say You're Sorry" is available for purchase on amazon, apple music and lots more.


4 comments on “Don't Say You're Sorry”

  1. "Each time the hurt is real, it takes longer to heal." -- Wow! Those are great lyrics! Awesome song, Bruce. Pensive video. Good job, Terry! Can't wait for the new album. Will buy this song on Amazon right now.
    Thanks for the music, Bruce!

  2. This tune is a knockout. The video helps show you putting it all on the line. Really like you playing all the instruments, too – I think it makes stronger the heart/soul connection for all your listeners. If there’s something defined as an “intimate anthem,” this tune is IT!

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