bruce tunkel 

June 17, 2019


There's something about putting pen to paper.

For the last few years, I've been writing lyrics in google docs. There's some solid advantages to this. For one, I can read what I've written, as my handwriting is somewhat illegible, especially in a creative frenzy. Fast, easy and clean editing is also a big plus. And, the lyrics are available on the go as long as I have my trusty iPhone with me, which I always do.

However, as I finalize the "Us" material, I find that taking the step of handwriting the lyrics provides a tangible connection with what I am trying to communicate, and forces me to be more particular about how and what I am saying. I'm picking up on some wording changes that make the songs feel more real to me. Perhaps it's the commitment in holding the pen, or the commitment to paper. It feels more final. More personal. More real.

As with all creative endeavors, it's some kind of magic.


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